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Squat Comparisons.

How it’s going vs How it started.⠀

Same outfit. 3 months apart. No focus on squat technique.

Here I am showing you a comparison of @emanuelalukac squats now, compared to when she first stepped foot in the gym.

With all our focus on core function; strength and coordination, repatterning; redeveloping movements from infant stage of life, we have spent very little time breaking down functional movement patterns such as the squat.

Firstly we spent our time getting Ela out of her lower back pain, which required a lot of core strengthening work.

Secondly we spent time repatterning movements from infant development; extend, reach, pull, rotate.

We had to reset her neuromuscular system to function how we were born to do.

As baby’s we move and function how we are created to do. It is in our daily life of prolonged sitting, diet and many other factors that have disrupted how we function correctly which leads to faulty movement patterns and risk of injuries.

Once we recorrect the issues from the source of the problem, movement becomes more natural- the way we were born to do them, and these video comparisons are just a glimpse of that.

Right now, we still have a LOT of work to do, however, we can now start building from a STRONG foundation.

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