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Working with YOU to achieve your health & fitness or sporting goals.

Your Training
Your Program 
Your Goals 
Your Choice

Individualised &

can't make it to gym every week? 
what about once a month & take home a 3x weekLY X4 weeks training program catered to you?

What is this program?

This is both a general health & fitness and sports specific program based upon enhancing your performance on the field or court and or improving your general wellbeing. No matter your goals, experience, sport and age this program is tailored to you once completing an assessment session. 

Why should I join?


Are you someone who can't make it into gym every week or commit to a certain time in gym because of work or living a busy life?

This program allows you to have the freedom of attending a gym near you or at a home gym when time suits you, whilst still being under the guidance of EC Advantage. You will have a customised training program specialised to you and your goals so you can maximise your results. 

The Process?

You come into the gym @Mitise Health & Fitness and we go through goal setting, physical assessment session, run through of exercises that'll be in your program and videos taken for your reference. 

1. To achieve the goals you want, you need to know where you are now and where you want to go. We begin with outlining your goals you want to achieve in gym and/ or on the field. 

2. Physical assessment of current movement patterns and if needed, any sports specific movements. These are then discussed and explained to you. 

3. A practical session is then conducted to demonstrate a few exercises that'll be in your program based upon your assessment just taken. 

4. If you required videos of yourself performing specific exercises, they'll be taken during this time so you know what to do and cue points to look for. 

5. I will then put together a 3x weekly program for 4 weeks for you to do in your own time and when and where suits you best. 

6. Follow up sessions are then held every 4 weeks (once a month) to update your program and make sure you are progressing. 


  • You have the freedom to complete your session where and when you like. 

  • You'll be provided videos from our session of exercises and what to do and how to perform them.

  • It's a personalised program that's catered to you only. 

  • You'll have complete access of communication to me if you require help or have any questions.

  • You receive a follow up session every month to progress your further towards your goals.

How is it Specialised?

Not only is this program individualised and catered to you but it is Specialised. 

What does this mean? 

It is based upon your commitment to training, how frequently you are able to train, your accessibility to gyms, or at home gyms, equipment available to you and the duration of sessions you are after.


take home program

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Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
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